Training for voluntary Guardians for Unaccompanied children in Florence

Around 30 organisations took part in the fifth and last training scheduled for 2017 organised by the Italian Ombudsperson for Children and Adolescents with the support of EASO in December. The UNHCR, UNICEF, OIM, Save the Children, FRA (Fundamentals Rights Agency), Istituto Don Calabria, ASGI (Italian Association for Migration Studies), CIR (Italian Council for Refugees) and Caritas were amongst those that participated.

Dedicated to private citizens coming from the region of Tuscany who had applied to become volunteer Guardians for Unaccompanied Minors, the event was held in Florence from the 15th to the 18th of December.
The participants had the chance to focus on the different profiles of children arriving in Italy, in order to better-understand their perspectives, fears and hopes. From a legal point of view, they were made familiar with the age-assessment procedure or to process for requesting residence permits. They also discussed the special needs of minors who are victims of abuses, the symptoms of PTSD, and examined the family custody criteria and repatriation cases.

EASO will continue providing support to the Ombudsperson for Children and Adolescents to help in organising a new cycle of training sessions for voluntary Guardians in 2018.


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