EASO training support in European Union Naval Force – Operation SOPHIA 

On 3-6 October 2017, at the premises of the Italian Navy Petty Officer Academy (Scuola Sottufficiali della Marina) in Taranto, trainers from the EASO DAS Training unit delivered two train-the-trainers sessions in the framework of the European Union Naval Force – Mediterranean Operation (EUNAVFOR MED) SOPHIA.

The EUNAVFOR MED SOPHIA mission is part of the EU comprehensive response to migration, contributing to wider EU efforts to disrupt the business model of human smuggling and trafficking networks in the Southern Central Mediterranean and preventing the further loss of life at sea. One of the supporting tasks is the training of the Libyan Coast Guard and Navy.

The two train-the-trainers sessions covered the topics of “e-Learning” and “Methods and Teaching techniques”. The sessions will lead to seven selected candidates from the Libyan Coast Guard and Navy becoming trainers themselves in the future.

The training session on e-learning comprised of a series of short lectures, practical case studies, group discussions and experience-sharing by participants, as well as guided individual practical exercises on the EASO e-learning platform.

The training included e-Learning content creation, sound instructional design strategy as the basis of the e-learning design, practical recommendations in the ‘tips & tricks’ format on how to develop efficient and visually appealing e-Learning content, and the overview of different software tools for the creation of the e-Learning content. The interactive part of the training covered the topic of e-learning session organisation in the Learning Management Systems (LMS), which is a software for administration, management and tracking of trainees’ progress. The overview of the commonly available LMS functionality was presented, with a more detailed focus on trainer’s role and activities, during the e-learning phase. The interactive practical session was held in the LMS of the EASO DAS Training unit.

The training session on methods and teaching techniques comprised of a series of short lectures, practical sessions that focused on practical case studies, role-plays, group discussions and experience sharing by participants, as well as an individual presentation of mini trainings.

The content delivered included different teaching methods presented on two scales: from teacher-centred to learner-centred and from low- to high-technological, respecting adult learning theories and different learning styles, as well as the basic knowledge on how the human memory works. Special attention was given to the topic of providing constructive feedback and strategies for handling the different challenges which may be faced while being a trainer. In the interactive session, the participants were asked to prepare a mini training on the provided topic. These mini trainings gave the participants the opportunity to practice the teaching techniques presented earlier, as well as give and receive feedback.

More information on Operation Sophia can be found online: https://eeas.europa.eu/csdp-missions-operations/eunavfor-med_en

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