EASO concludes an Extensive Training Programme for its interim caseworkers in Italy

From December 2017 until the end of February 2018, over 100 EASO interim caseworkers divided into 5 groups have followed an extensive training programme aimed at preparing them to assist the Italian authorities in the asylum process, in particular in registration (at the level of the Questure) and support to status determination (Territorial Asylum Commissions). 

The extensive training programme was conducted in the framework of the Operating Plan signed between EASO and Italy in December 2017 and was composed of two phases: 

  1. Training in the EASO three core modules (Inclusion, Interviewing Techniques and Evidence Assessment), and 
  2. Operational Training.

Through completion of the first phase of the training programme, the interims acquired the knowledge and skills required for newly recruited caseworkers to perform their tasks in the asylum field. Following the online studies and face-to-face sessions in the core modules, the interims participated in a three-day operational training focused on the Italian asylum procedure aimed at further preparing them for their work in the national context. 

Throughout the sessions delivered by representatives of the Italian Authorities, the operational training provided the interims with practical information on the situation and procedures applicable in the Italian context. Other sessions were focused on the identification of Dublin cases, the identification of vulnerable applicants (with a special focus on unaccompanied children and victims of trafficking), the identification of exclusion indicators and country of origin information.

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