Training-the-trainers on Exclusion - 13-16 February in Malta

A train-the-trainers session on exclusion took place on 14-15 February in Valletta, Malta. The training led by trainers representing the exclusion team of the Belgian Asylum Authority and EASO’s Department of Asylum Support gathered 11 participants -  representing Greece, France, Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia and Latvia. The training was further strengthened by the presence of EASO’s COI Officer. All participants completed their online platform training successfully and are in the process of completing their final assessment online.

The training additionally stimulated discussions and exchange of examples from national practices. Participants also had the chance to share their testimonies and views on particular exclusion cases they handled. The connection between terrorism and exclusion was explored and new case-law was presented. Trainers and participants came up with specific recommendations for amendments of the training on exclusion in the near future. 

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