Study visit to the Federal Ministry of Education in Bremen

On 14-16 March 2017 EASO organised a study visit to the Federal Ministry of Education of Bremen in the framework of the EASO Special Support Plan to Cyprus. Participants were part of the Cyprus School Violence Intervention team, aimed to focus on the prevention of conflict between students, as well as on the solutions adopted in case of conflict, especially in schools with high number of refugees’ students. The Fundamental Rights Agency was also present to observe the activity in view of a new project on inclusion and education starting next year.

In a positive environment, the participants had the chance to understand the methods used by primary and secondary schools principals to strengthen the inclusion of the refugee students and the precautions taken to avoid segregation in the school area.  The Federal Ministry of Education presented the German school system and the development of the regional plan for education and migration, including the improvement of the vocational courses. Finally, the University of Bremen presented its special trainings for refugees and the projects to support secondary school students with migration background.


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