Professional Development Workshop: Subsidiary Protection

Professional Development Workshop: Subsidiary Protection, Article 15 (c) QD (recast)

On the 20th - 21st of March, 17 Members of Courts and Tribunals from 11 Member States came together in Malta to participate in a Professional Development Workshop on Subsidiary Protection, Article 15 (c), under the expert guidance of two Judicial Trainers from the UK and Austria.

The participants were introduced to core concepts related to this provision using the Judicial Analysis prepared by an expert Working Group of Judges. This Judicial Analysis is the pilot chapter in a comprehensive EASO Professional Development Series that deals with a range of topics in the area of EU asylum law. The discussions at this meeting centred, inter alia, around determining the level of violence required for application of article 15(c) QD (recast) and presented an opportunity for participants to discuss national practices and experiences of their peers. Furthermore, this workshop aimed to equip participants to act as Judicial Trainers on this subject in their own Courts and Tribunals or in other EASO training events.

Call for expression of interest for judges for a Pilot Professional Development Workshop on Ending International Protection, 18-19 May 2017 in Malta.

EASO launched a call for expressions of interest for a Pilot Professional Development Workshop for judges on Ending International Protection (Articles 11, 14, 16 and 19 QD (recast)), which will be held in Malta on 18-19 May 2017. This workshop will cover the procedural aspects and matters pertaining to: the burden and standard of proof, cessation of refugee/subsidiary protection in circumstances where cessation is caused i.a. by the actions of the individual, changed circumstances in the refugee’s country of origin, ending protection of refugee status by way of exclusion or misrepresentation, due to a conviction for a serious crime or being a danger to the security of a state. 

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