Pilot Adaptation Workshop on five EASO tools and practical guides

After the translation of five EASO tools and practical guides in Western Balkan languages, EASO organized a Pilot Adaptation Workshop (with special focus on linguistic aspects) from 5 to 8 February 2018 at EASO’s premises in Malta. This workshop was a follow-up to a meeting held in November 2017, which familiarized six Western Balkans administrations with specific EASO tools and practical guides.  During the Pilot Adaptation Workshop, discussions on, and adaptation of, the following EASO materials were performed:

  • EASO Practical Tools for First-Contact Officials on Access to the Asylum procedure;
  • EASO tool for Identification of Persons with Special Needs (IPSN);
  • EASO practical guide on Evidence Assessment;
  • EASO practical guide on Personal Interview; and
  • EASO Guidance on reception conditions: operational standards and indicators. 

The aim of the workshop was to ensure quality in the translation of the documents and adaptation to the national contexts, in line with EU standards. This will facilitate the introduction and use of the above-mentioned EASO tools and guides into the respective national administrations and further enhance harmonization with EU standards. As a regional meeting, the workshop also contributed to create synergies and harmonisation between Western Balkan practices.

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