Operational training for EASO team leaders in Greece

For the first time in such a format, on the 22nd and 23rd February, the EASO team leaders working in the area of border procedures in the Greek hotspots, came together in Athens for an operational training session. 

During a session on managerial skills based on the EASO training module for Managers, they reflected on their roles and challenges in guiding and coaching teams of deployed experts. Together with the trainers, they developed strategies for handling difficult situations and also practiced effective feedback strategies. 

The training was complemented by thematic sessions on recent changes in the standard operating procedures, taking on board specific considerations in cases of vulnerable asylum applicants.

As a third element, the training provided input on the basis of the upgraded EASO training module on Interview Techniques and select elements of the training module on Evidence Assessment. After theoretical introductions, the participants exchanged experiences in a number of practical exercises.

The chance to exchange good practice examples and develop new strategies was much welcomed by the team leaders who expressed their hope to repeat the training format in the near future.

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