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In 2016 the European Asylum Support Office launched its first mobile app for smartphones and tablets, allowing asylum seekers to quickly find information in English and various non-EU languages about the EU Relocation Programme, their rights and obligations when applying, contact points and more. The app is the latest initiative in the implementation of EASO’s integrated information and communication campaign on relocation and it is currently available in English, Arabic, Sorani, Kumjani and Tigrinya languages. With the app, EASO aimed to promote relocation as the only safe and legal way from Greece and Italy to other EU Member States. The EU Relocation Programme app can be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play.


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Available to download free of charge by IoS and Android smartphone users, the app provides clear, concise and up-to-date information about the relocation scheme, the procedure, and the role of EASO in the relocation process. It boasts a simple and user-friendly interface and incorporates a section with FAQ for asylum seekers to find out, among others, whether they are eligible for relocation, which countries they can get relocated to, why they are getting fingerprinted, and much other practical information related to relocation. Other features include an interactive map with GPS localisation, thanks to which asylum seekers with a smartphone can now easily find the nearest-by hotspots in Greece and Italy where they can get registered for international protection or get in touch with EASO experts who can assist them further. In addition, the app will allow users to watch videos in which people who have been successfully relocated share their stories.

Whether it is information in English, Arabic, Sorani, Kumjani or Tigrinya, the four language versions of the app cater for asylum seekers from a wide geographical area. With the app, it becomes easier than ever for refugees on route to search for contacts, hotlines and emergency numbers of EASO. The key objective of the mobile app, apart from providing information, is to build trust in the relocation programme and to discourage asylum seekers from travelling in illegal ways from Greece or Italy to other EU Member States. With this app, EASO also hopes to ease information sharing in order to pre-empt confusion, unrealistic expectations, and frustration amongst refugees about unavailability of information.

An updated version of the EU Relocation app is expected to be launched within 2017.

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