EASO Communication activities on Relocation

In order to promote and explain the EU relocation programme, EASO has put in place a relocation communication campaign - addressed to asylum seekers, asylum and reception officials and EASO staff on the ground.

This included a number of printed and electronic communication tools and materials which are made available in different languages, including English, Arabic, Tigrinya, Kurdish-Kurmanji, Sorani as well as Greek and Italian to reach out to asylum seekers from eligible nationalities.

In 2017 EASO launched a new social media campaign in English and Tigrinya focusing on Eritreans who wish to apply for Relocation and move from Italy to another European Country in a safe and legal manner.

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EASO has also produced a series of videos on successful relocation stories with applicants successfully relocated to further promote the relocation programme and counteract the smuggler’s narrative.

In order to ensure that asylum seekers are provided with sufficient information on the possibilities made available to them under the relocation mechanism, EASO has deployed experts for information provision in both Italy and Greece.

EASO constantly provides updates on relocation through this dedicated webpage on Relocation, though its social media channels and a mobile application on EU Relocation Programme.

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