Quarterly Asylum Report

The Quarterly report aims at providing an overview of key asylum trends by analysing data regarding applications for international protection made by asylum seekers and decisions made on those applications by European Member States and Associate Countries.
2015 Q3: report available here
2015 Q2: report available here
2015 Q1: report available here

2014 Q4: report available here
2014 Q3: report available here
2014 Q2: report available here
2014 Q1: report available here

2013 Q4: report available here
2013 Q3: report available here
2013 Q2: report available here
2013 Q1: report available here


Reduced mobility of asylum seekers continues to limit the number of asylum applications, but unaccompanied minors lodged more applications in October

Partial lockdowns, travel bans, and other preventive health measures continue to reduce the mobility of asylum seekers in general and the extent to which they are able to reach the EU+ and lodge asylum applications.

17th December 2020 Read More
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COI Report on the security situation in Afghanistan

EASO published a Country of Origin Information (COI) Report entitled ‘Afghanistan security situation’.

24th February 2015 Read More