Migration needs better reporting

  • 23rd April 2018

Panel discussion on the role of journalists and policy makers in shaping the public perception of migration

European Parliament, ASP Altiero Spinelli building, Room: A3H-1
25 April 2018 – 18h00-20h00

Public perceptions of migration are significantly shaped by the media. Such influence has a strong and direct bearing on the ability of political leaders to develop effective policies. In parts of Europe, the general reporting on both regular and irregular migration in the media has increasingly adopted a negative narrative; the effects of which have become evident in policy spheres. The Migration Media Award, the 2018 edition of which is now open to applications, rewards journalistic excellence in shaping a more balanced narrative of migration, which in turn fosters evidence-based migration policy development. 

The Migration Media Award (MMA) 2018 partners, under the auspices of MEPs Mercedes Bresso from Italy and Alfred Sant, former Prime Minister of Malta, together with the DG NEAR, are hosting a round table discussion gathering policy makers, journalists and academics at the European Parliament in Brussels on 25 April 2018. MMA 2017 First prize winner video Marco Panzetti will present his field experience.

A panel discussion on the challenges faced by media organisations and public attitudes’ influence on policy making will bring together various stakeholders. These include MEPs Stelios Kouloglou from Greece and Tanja Fajon, from Slovenia, together with Roderick Parkes, Researcher at the EU Institute for Security Studies, Jean Paul Marthoz, Belgian Journalist, migration academic and MMA jury member; Dominique Thierry, Team Leader of the Open Media Hub implemented by the Thomson Foundation; and Julien Simon (Facilitator), Regional Coordinator for the Mediterranean for the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).

The Migration Media Award is a collaboration of two EU-funded projects: ICMPD’s EuroMed Migration IV (EMM4) and Thomson Foundation’s Open Media Hub (OMH), a project which aims to support media professionals across the EU neighbourhood area. The MMA is implemented in collaboration with the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) and the Maltese Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion.