Highlights: EASO Info Day 2018

  • 20th June 2018

On 19 June 2018, EASO organised its Info Day, which marks the Agency’s anniversary since its official inauguration on 2011, in Malta.The annual EASO Info Day provides a chance to reach out and highlight various aspects of the services EASO offers to national asylum authorities. EASO also takes the opportunity of this annual event to concentrate on a specific discipline and highlight its work.

The core theme of EASO Info Day 2018 was the Role of Information and Analysis in the CEAS. Having accurate and detailed data and information is critical to any project. It is all the more important to synergise a multi-national effort to sustainably manage asylum in Europe.

EASO has a key role as an independent centre of expertise on asylum. In this regard, EASO:

This is why EASO, through its Information and Analysis Unit, places such great importance on collating, analysing and then distributing data and information to you – our stakeholders.
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Several activities including informative seminars, workshops, lunch and learn sessions, pop quizzes as well as press events and events for schoolchildren and students have been organised with the cooperation of EASO’s network of national and communication contact points and hosted in countries across Europe. EASO Info days activities will be completed in early July including an event at the European Parliament. 

During Info Day 2018, EASO staff and national experts had the opportunity to discuss about EASO’s work, challenges and perspectives as well as to share knowledge, exchange of good practices and build on future objectives and activities.

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