EASO Newsletter May 2018


EASO Management Board appoints interim Executive Director
At a meeting on 6 June 2018, the Management Board of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) appointed Mr. Jamil Addou as interim Executive Director of Agency.
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EASO publishes a Country of Origin Information (COI) report on the Security Situation in Afghanistan
The ‘Afghanistan Security situation - Update’ provides a description of the general security situation in Afghanistan, as well as the situation in each of the 34 provinces and Kabul City.
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Important meetings held at EASO


External Dimension Network Meeting and Negotiation Skills Workshop in Malta
The meeting was an excellent opportunity for active discussions around improved coordination of activities in the External Dimension field.
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Meetings held outside EASO


Launch of EPRA/EASO Reception Exchange Programme
The two visits were organised conjointly by EPRA and EASO, and used for the first time the methodology of the “critical friend review”, aiming to move from classical study visits to a more active and participatory type of visit. 
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EASO operational training on “Identification of potential Dublin cases” in Bulgaria
On 29 May in Sofia and on 30-31 May in Haskovo, Bulgaria, EASO delivered two operational training sessions for a total of 35 Bulgarian officials working for the Bulgarian State Agency for Refugees (SAR)


Asylum Support Unit, Practical Cooperation Meeting on Identification of Applicants for international protection
On 23 and 24 May, the EASO Practical Cooperation Meeting on Identification took place in Nuremberg, hosted by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). 
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EASO activities covered by the Special Support Plan for Bulgaria  - Study visit at the Austrian Dublin Unit
Four Bulgarian officials participated in a study visit that took place in Vienna, on 15-18 May 2018, on the subject of exchanging views and good practices regarding to the Dublin procedure.
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Stories from the hotspots 


The new EASO team in the Questura of Napoli
In the Questura of Napoli, where he has been deployed as an EASO expert since the end of January, he continues focusing on interviews and the registrations of asylum requests.
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EASO launches a new Green line in Italy for the provision of information on Family reunification
Launched at the end of April, the Green line is being promoted also via an ad hoc Social media Campaign on the EASO Facebook page and Instagram account.
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EASO Europe Day at Barrafranca High school
On 10 May, Two EASO staff members participated in an event organised at the High School “I.S.I.S.S. G. FALCONE” of Barrafranca, Enna province in Sicily, on the occasion of the school’s Europe Day (9 May) celebration.
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Latest Asylum Trends - April 2018

External Dimension


EASO organises a Fact-finding mission to Egypt
The mission took place in the context of the EU-Egypt Migration Dialogue that took place in Cairo last December 2017, which included, inter alia, a reflection on protection and asylum systems. 
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EASO carries out two coaching/on-the-job trainings in Serbia
The focus of these activities was to provide guidance and coaching on the examination procedure and reception in line with EU standards and in light of the newly adopted Serbian law on asylum. 
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EASO Training and Workshops


Operational training on border procedure in Greece
The training is actively supported by representatives of the Greek Asylum Service, who explain to the participants the different steps of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), as well as important aspects of the Dublin procedure in the context of the border procedure.
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Kick-off of EASO Module for Interpreters 
On 22 May 2018, EASO launched the pilot session of the online training course on “Interpreting in the Asylum Context”.
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EASO operational trainings on “Interpreting in the Asylum Context” in Italy
On 14-15 May in Catania, as well as on 24-25 May in Palermo, Italy, EASO delivered two operational training sessions for a total of 54 cultural mediators working for EASO in support of the Italian authorities, in the framework of the EASO operations in Italy.
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Professional development workshop on Exclusion from International Protection, Malta
On 22-23 May, the EASO Courts and Tribunals sector held a professional development workshop on Exclusion, with the participation of 21 members of courts and tribunals from 13 different Member States.
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First meeting of the working group for the development of an EASO Guidance on Membership of a Particular Social Group
The first meeting of the working group for the development of an EASO Guidance on Membership of a Particular Social Group (MPSG) was held in Malta on 29-31 May. 
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EASO training National Contact Points annual meeting
The meeting was, to a large extent, forward-looking and thanks to its ‘presentations and workshops’ formula allowed for future-oriented discussions and joint planning of the next activities.
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EASO Vacancies