EASO Newsletter April 2016

  • 4th May 2016

In the EASO Newsletter for April 2016 you will find: 



  • The Latest asylum trends and main countries of origin;
  •  Working with the Unaccompanied Minors in Lesvos;
  •  Stories from hotspots – EASO’s personnel shares insights;
  •  Important visits to Lesvos;
  •  EASO COI Specialist Network Seminar of Iraq;
  •  EASO COI Strategic Network meeting;
  •  Inauguration of the EURTF office in Catania;
  •  Ambassadors Lunch Briefing;
  •  EASO at the European Parliament, LIBE Committee;
  •  Training module on Dublin III Regulation;
  •  Train the trainers session;
  •  Regional train the trainers sessions;
  •  Training induction for deployed experts;
  •  Vulnerable groups conference;
  •  EASO cooperation on courts and tribunals;
  •  EASO Notices (including Vacancies).