EASO delegation visited Greece to discuss EASO support

EASO-Greece operational plan

On 13 November 2012 an EASO delegation, headed by Dr Robert K. Visser, Executive Director of EASO, visited Greece to discuss the state of play regarding EASO support to Greece and progress made by the Greek authorities in the area of asylum and reception. During the visit, the EASO Executive Director held a meeting with Minister Nikolaos Dendias, Greek Minister for Public Order and Citizen Protection, where EASO continued support to Greece and the additional support aimed at reducing the backlog of asylum appeals claims was discussed. During the meeting Minister Dendias and Dr Visser signed an amendment to the EASO-Greece Operating Plan. This plan supports the new First Reception Service, the Asylum Service, and the Appeals Authority. It also provides support to the backlog clearance procedure currently being undertaken. In Athens, the EASO delegation also met with EU Member States Ambassadors and visited the new asylum and first reception services, as well as a number of sitting Appeals Committees.

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Reduced mobility of asylum seekers continues to limit the number of asylum applications, but unaccompanied minors lodged more applications in October

Partial lockdowns, travel bans, and other preventive health measures continue to reduce the mobility of asylum seekers in general and the extent to which they are able to reach the EU+ and lodge asylum applications.

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