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Practical Cooperation meeting on Syria

EASO organised a meeting on Practical Cooperation concerning Syria on 18 and 19 March. Attendance to this meeting was on invitation.

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EASO and the Greek government signed agreement to extend EASO support to Greece until December 2014

EASO and Greece signed to extend EASO supportOn 7 March 2013, the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) and the Greek government signed an a

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EASO participated in a Webinar on ‘Agencies for a safer and securer Europe’

On 26 February the European Police College (CEPOL) organised a Webinar.

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EASO 2014 Work Programme open for Consultations

The outline of the EASO 2014 work programme is now open for consultations. The deadline is 8 March 2013.

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EASO Management Board elected new chairman

On 4 February 2013,  during the 10th meeting of the EASO's Management Board, Mag.

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EASO Management Board 4/5 February 2013

On 4/5 February 2013 EASO held its 10th Management Board meeting. Click here to enter the 10th EASO Management Board webpages (Restrict

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EASO Consultative Forum Plenary Session

EASO held its Consultative Forum plenary meeting on 25 and 26 November 2012 at Valletta, Malta.

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EASO Support to Greece

Following a request made by the Greek Government, in February 2011, the European Asylum Support Office agreed to support Greece with its es

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2011 Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the European Union and on the Activities of EASO

On 20 July 2012 EASO published its first Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the European Union and on the Activities of EASO for 2

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Country of Origin Information (COI) reports

EASO has published its first Country of Origin Information (COI) Report entitled 'Afghanistan: Taliban Strategies - Recruitment'  in July 20

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