New EASO Organisational structure endorsed by the Management Board

EASO organogramIn November 2019, the EASO Management Board adopted a new organogram for EASO which took effect from 1 January 2020, with the aim of bringing more flexibility and better results, given the significant growth of the Agency in the last years.

The reorganisation process followed internal consultations and meetings with all Departments, Units and Sectors, where colleagues expressed their views on how they see the future in EASO evolving.

Consultations with senior management and the EASO Staff Committee also took place receiving positive feedback on the proposals.

The three priorities of the new EASO organisational structure are to:

1. Strengthen the Agency’s operational role;

2. Intensify the Agency’ training activities and professional development for asylum experts (more than 35 000 reception and asylum officials have been trained so far); and

3. Prove the Agency’s role as a true centre of knowledge and expertise on asylum, and enhance more production of practical tools and materials in the field of asylum.

The new EASO organisational structure is available on EASO's website.

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