EASO MedCOI Transfer Project


The MedCOI project was established to improve the access to Medical Country of Origin Information (MedCOI) for national migration and asylum authorities in Europe. This project was subsequently funded by the European Refugee Fund (ERF) and the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

The objective of the project is to provide and share reliable MedCOI to national migration and asylum authorities in Europe in order to support accurate and fair decisions in international protection and other migration procedures.

Currently the MedCOI4 project includes 14 partner countries. The Netherlands (Dutch Medical Advisors Office, BMA) and Belgium (Belgian Desk on Accessibility, BDA)—are responsible for the implementation of the MedCOI4 project. 

In 2017, EASO started a transfer project, aiming at a gradual take-over of the MedCOI activities by EASO, with maximum guarantee for maintaining quality and continuing the level of service to the current users. This transfer project will run from 2017 until 2020, when EASO is expected to have the full capacity to deliver the MedCOI services as a part of its operation activities. EASO is building its capacity with the help of and in close cooperation with the current MedCOI4 teams.
Furthermore, it is envisaged that once the service is fully operational in EASO, it will be made available to all EU+ countries. 

Why a transfer to EASO?

The reasons for this transfer include the need to move from a temporary project environment under AMIF funding to a stable and sustainable operational setting, embedded in EASO’s day to day business. The transfer also envisages to further improve the MedCOI project’s impact—namely supporting more consistent decision-making across EU+ countries, and in the future extend access to the database for those EU+ countries that so far have not benefitted from the project.

How EASO MedCOI works

EASO and MedCOI4 rely on a worldwide network of experts that provide up to date information on the availability and accessibility of medical treatment possibilities in countries of origin. 

In addition, experts in EASO, together with the existing MedCOI 4 teams, produce responses to individual requests and general medical country reports, and organise the development of an online MedCOI training for users. 

The MedCOI services are subject to quality assurance activities such as validations, audits, and peer reviews.


The EASO MedCOI Team will be composed of internal medical advisors, researchers and administrative staff. 

The medical advisor and the researchers provide a range of analyses for EASO in a professional, impartial and autonomous way.

For questions, please contact MedCOI@easo.europa.eu.