Country reports

This page lists a selection of recent EASO country reports. All COI is also available in the dedicated EASO COI Portal

COI Reports


  • COI Report: Afghanistan: Security Situation (November 2016) [EN]
  • COI Report: Afghanistan: Recruitment by armed groups [EN] [FR] [DE]
  • COI Report: Afghanistan: Security Situation (January 2016) [EN] [Survey]
  • COI Report: Insurgent strategies Intimidation and targeted violence against Afghans (2012) [DE] [EN] [ES] [FR] [IT]
  • COI Report: Afghanistan: Taliban Strategies - Recruitment (2012) [DE] [EN] [ES] [FR] [IT]




Russian Federation

  • COI Report: Russian Federation – State Actors of Protection [EN]
  • COI Report: Chechnya: Women, Marriage, Divorce and Child Custody (2014) [DE] [EN] [FR] [IT] [PL]



  • COI Report: Turkey Country Focus [EN]

Western Balkans

  • COI Report: Albania Country Focus [EN]
  • COI Report: Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Focus [EN]
  • COI Report: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Country Focus [EN]
  • COI Report: Kosovo Country Focus [EN]
  • COI Report: Montenegro Country Focus [EN]
  • COI Report: Serbia Country Focus [EN]


Comparative Analyses

Western Balkans

  • Asylum Applicants from the Western Balkans: comparative analysis of trends, push-pull factors and responses – Update (2015) [EN]
  • Comparative Analysis on the Western Balkans (2013) [DE] [EN] [FR] [IT]