World Refugee Day

Every day, thousands of people are forced to flee their homes in fear of persecution and serious harm. On 20th of June, the World Refugee Day, we take a moment to commemorate their strength, courage and perseverance.

EASO stands #WithRefugees. Our experts give information to asylum seekers arriving to hotspots in Greece, Italy and other EU countries, support the registration of applicants and facilitate the relocation of eligible asylum seekers from one EU Member State to another. We also provide training to case workers and other asylum officers to ensure that all asylum applications are reviewed in an equal, harmonised and coherent way in all EU Member States.

As part of EASO's continuous efforts to raise awareness about the situation of asylum, the following interactive visualisation provides information on the applications for international protection lodged in the EU+ countries (EU Member States, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland), the decisions which have been issued and the pending cases.

It presents an overview of the evolution of these key indicators on international protection in the EU+ or in the selected reporting country between 2008 and 2016. The size of the different circles in the countries of origin is proportional to the volume of applications lodged during the selected year, while their colour reflects the recognition rate at first instance (from red, which indicates lower recognition rates, to blue - higher recognition rates). The shading of third countries (countries of origin) indicates the volume of cases pending at the end of the selected year. In addition, clicking on a circle updates the barcharts below the map to display specific information regarding the selected country of origin and reporting EU+ country

Map parameters:  reference year:  reporting country:      

Source: Eurostat migr_asyappctza,migr_asypenctzmmigr_asydcfsta and migr_asydcfina as of 11 May 2017.
The figures presented in this visualisation are provisional and may be subject to update or revision from the Member States. Data available on the Eurostat website are rounded to the nearest five. As such, aggregates calculated on the basis of rounded figures may slightly deviate from the actual total. The recognition rate ("RR") is calculated as the share of decisions granting refugee status, subsidiary protection or, where applicable, an authorisation to stay for humanitarian reasons. Please be advised that a ‘0’ may not necessarily indicate a real zero value but could also represent a value of ‘1’ or ‘2’. It is important to note that Eurostat Technical Guidelines have been regularly amended. For more information on these changes which affect data comparability over time please refer to the following reference metadata migr_asyapp_esms and migr_asydec_esms.