Article 2(g) of the RCD introduces the concepts of ‘financial allowance’ and ‘daily expenses allowance’ as means to provide reception conditions. While the provision specifies the use of the former for the provision of food, housing and clothing (whenever not provided in-kind or in the form of vouchers), the definition of the latter is less clear. For the purposes of this guidance, and as highlighted in the table below, the term ‘daily expenses allowance’ refers to any other allowance provided to applicants for international protection, including allowances for specific purposes other than housing, food and clothing or other non-food items when they are not provided in-kind as well as monetary allowances for an unspecified purpose (at the free disposal of the applicant, also referred to as ‘pocket money’). 

Type of reception needs

Reference in the

Means for provision of reception conditions
Food, housing, clothing Article 2(g)Financial allowance
In kind 
Other essential needs (e.g.hygiene products, school items, wheel chair, etc.)Not explicitly mentioned by RCDDaily expenses allowance
In kind 
Items of personal choiceArticle 2(g)Daily expenses allowance


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