Summary table: 5. Healthcare


Operational standards and indicators on reception conditions
 29. Ensure access to necessary health
care, at least level of emergency
care and essential treatment of
illnesses and serious mental disorders.

 29.1. The applicant has access to all types of necessary health care services.
 29.2. Health care services are provided by qualified medical personnel.
 29.3. Health care is available inside the housing or outside at a reasonable distance.
 29.4. Necessary health care, including prescribed medication, is provided free
of charge or economically compensated through the daily expenses allowance.
 29.5. Adequate arrangements are in place to ensure the applicant is able to communicate with the medical personnel.
 29.6. Arrangements are made to ensure access to first aid in emergencies.
 29.7. The applicant is provided with access to his/her medical records, without prejudice to national legislation.
 29.8. Specific arrangements are in place for applicants with special medical needs.

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