Summary table: 4. Daily expenses allowance

 Daily expenses

Operational standards and indicators on reception conditions
 28. Ensure that an adequate daily expenses allowance is provided.

 28.1. A clear definition of the scope of daily expenses allowance exists.
 28.2. The method for the calculation of the daily expenses allowance is clearly determined.
 28.3. The daily expenses allowance is provided at free disposal (‘pocket money’) and allows applicants to obtain an adequate degree of autonomy.
 28.4. The amount of the daily expenses allowance also reflects as a minimum  the following expenses, unless ensured in kind: communication and information,
school items, personal hygiene and body care, leisure activities and costs for transport when related to access to health care and obtaining medication, the asylum procedure and legal assistance, and education for children enrolled in school.
 28.5. The daily expenses allowance is provided regularly, and no less than once a month with regards to the ‘pocket money’.

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