Summary table: 3. Clothing and other non-food items

   Clothing and other non-food items 

Operational standards and indicators on reception conditions
 Standard    Indicator(s)
 23. Ensure that the applicant possesses sufficient clothing.
 23.1. The applicant possesses sufficient underwear for a week without having to
 do laundry.
 23.2. The applicant possesses at least a minimum number of clothing items.
 23.3. The applicant has at least two different pairs of shoes.
 23.4. Applicants are provided with clothing as soon as possible.
 23.5. If any of the clothes is no longer usable as a result of wear and tear, there is
 a standardised way to obtain another item in exchange.
 23.6. Applicants possess sufficient clothes for babies and small children for 1 week
 without having to do laundry.
 24. Ensure that the applicants possess adequate clothing. 24.1. The clothing fits the applicants reasonably in terms of size.
 24.2. The clothing is reasonably decentlooking and appropriate to the prevailing standard of the host society and the applicants’ background.
 24.3. Adequate seasonal clothing is available
 25. Ensure that applicants have access to sufficient and
adequate personal hygiene products.
 25.1. A list exists specifying which type and quantity of personal hygiene products applicants of certain age and gender are entitled to receive.
 25.2. Necessary personal hygiene products are at the applicant’s disposal, either through regular distribution in kind on a per capita basis or through the daily expenses allowance.
 26. Ensure that applicants have access to other essential non-food items26.1. Sufficient bed linen and towels are provided.
26.2. Washing powder is available if applicants are responsible for washing their own clothes.
26.3. Specific arrangements are in place for applicants with special needs.
 27. Ensure that children enrolled in school are provided with
adequate clothing and school accessories enabling them to fully participate in all educational school activities.
27.1. Children who attend compulsory school education are provided with adequate clothing for school activities.
27.2. Children who attend school receive a school bag (backpack or other) and all items (textbooks, etc.) required by the school free of charge.

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