Summary table: 2. Food


Operational standards and indicators on reception conditions

 21. Ensure that applicants have access to sufficient and adequate food.

 21.1. Food safety standards are observed.
 21.2. At least three meals are served per day for adults and five for minors, of which at least one is cooked and served warm.
 21.3. The meals ensure a balanced and varied diet.
 21.4. Applicants are informed about the composition of the meal.
 21.5. Specific arrangements are in place for applicants with special dietary needs.
 21.6. The eating preferences and dietary restrictions of specific groups are taken into account.
 22. Ensure that applicants have access to potable water 24/7.
 22.1. Each applicant is provided with a minimum of 2.5 litres of water per day while personal physiology and climate are taken into account.

 22.2. (a): The infrastructure of the housing is adequate for potable water. OR

 22.2. (b): Potable water is distributed in absence of adequate infrastructure.

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