EASO-Turkey - a cooperation focusing on matters related to asylum

As part of its ongoing partnership with the Turkish Directorate General for Migration Management (DGMM), EASO together with selected EU+ countries exchanged information on practices in specific fields related to the organisation of their asylum systems.

‘EASO’s external action aims to reinforce the direct engagement between EU+ countries and priority third countries and partners, such as Turkey, on matters related to international protection’ , said Malin Larsson-Grave, Head of the Horizontal Operations and External Dimension Unit at EASO.

‘EASO is pleased to have facilitated these exchanges at technical level between the DGMM, Germany and the Netherlands on the overview of asylum caseload management systems used in EU+ countries’.


The overview, compiled by EASO’s Information and Analysis sector, focused on prioritised and accelerated procedures. It examined, in particular, the Dutch ‘tracks policy’, in which applications are channelled through five different tracks according to the profile of the asylum applicant. The presentation also described the German ‘cluster processing’, which divided asylum applications into two clusters based on the country of origin and the expected complexity of the case.

“This exchange has been very effective and beneficial to all”, said a senior official at the DGMM participating to the exchange. “It is always useful to compare the respective asylum systems and processes and learn from each other’s good practices”. The productive collaboration sparked a second round of exchanges focusing on the appeals system. These activities take place under the second EASO-DGMM Roadmap, a cooperation framework focusing on matters related to asylum.


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