EASO Training on the Reception of unaccompanied children: the Bari edition

In the past months, European national authorities and all the stakeholders dealing with the Immigration flows registered an increased number of unaccompanied children arriving on the Italian coasts during disembarkations. That is why, for Italy, it is crucial not only to enhance an appropriate reception system, but also to have well-trained operators to apply the right procedures in the framework of international protection.

The reception of unaccompanied children in the context of asylum is now more than ever a central topic all across Europe. 

As the protection of children  is a very important and delicate EU and EASO priority, EASO allocates a particular attention to this area as indicated in measure ITA 4 of the Operating Plan to Italy for 2017, aiming at  strengthening the reception capacity “in particular to unaccompanied minors”. 

A series of tailor-made regional Trainings has been organised since the beginning of the year in cooperation with the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Italian Ministry of Interior. After the ones that took place in Bologna and Naples, this time about thirty participants attended the two days event of the 15th and 16th March in Bari (Puglia). 

Members of different prefetture and centres for the first reception of unaccompanied children,  representatives of the SPRAR (the Italian second line reception system) and of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees joined EASO staff from Malta and Italy, supported by a Belgian expert specialised in the field of reception of unaccompanied children.


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