EASO Training Plan for 2020

We are very pleased to announce that the EASO Training Unit has now grown into the EASO Training and Professional Development Centre. This reflects the fact that, year on year, the range of training courses on offer has expanded to cover the needs expressed by Member States’ asylum and reception authorities as well as other organisations involved in the asylum process. By the end of 2019, we had reached 35 616 participations in EASO training sessions.

Last year, we piloted two new modules (Identification of potential Dublin cases and MedCOI for advanced users) as well as upgraded the Country of Origin Information module, and the Module for Managers was re-modelled and renamed to become a module on managing in the asylum context. 

In 2020, we will be piloting several new modules: 

  • Registration of application for international protection; 
  • Identification of potential exclusion cases; 
  • Evidence assessment (upgrade); 
  • Exclusion (upgrade); 
  • Reception of vulnerable persons, and 
  • MedCOI for basic users (online only).

Of course, we continue to deliver our regular modules. These include the core modules (Interviewing techniques, Inclusion and Evidence assessment) and the increasingly popular specialised modules such as Interviewing vulnerable persons, Interviewing children, and Reception. For more detailed information on the content, you can consult the EASO Training Curriculum catalogue (2018) here.

Please take a look at the Training Plan 2020 and get in touch via this email if you require further information.