EASO Training and Learning Strategy

Revising the EASO Training and Learning Strategy – a stepping stone to the milestone of a full Training Governance System.

From the feedback EASO received, it seems that most users are happy with the training EASO delivers to asylum and reception officials. But, why stop there?

EASO wants to make sure that the quality of training is consistent across the board and that we can keep to the high standards that we set ourselves. EASO’s vision is to have a fully-fledged certification system which will enable asylum and reception officials to become qualified and Member States to know that their workforce have the competencies required to do their jobs. This means ensuring that courses are fit for purpose and tailored to Member States’ needs.

Putting all this into practice means building on the cooperation we already enjoy between the EASO training unit, partners such as reference groups, external experts and National Training Contact Points. Our priority is to put the learner at the centre of the process by designing training courses which transfer knowledge in an efficient and engaging way.

EASO is already implementing innovative training and learning methodologies by making extensive use of blended learning (e-learning and face-to-face) and now the plan is to expand on-the-job coaching, peer learning and mobility learning programmes.

Together with the Member States, EASO wants to develop a Training Governance System which, together with the European Sectoral Qualification Framework for asylum and reception officials, will be a real milestone for all of us, particularly for the Member State officials on the ground.

The EASO Training and Learning Strategy was well received and approved by the EASO Management Board on 18 June 2019.

For more information, kindly contact: certification@easo.europa.eu.

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