EASO team in Questura di Cagliari

“It is fair to say that every case we hear strikes our attention and our sensibility. To be confronted with people of this background, listening to their stories, observing the strength and the perseverance they have in facing life and changes, makes us realise the extreme importance of what we are doing”. This is how the members of EASO team deployed in Questura di Cagliari, Sardinia, summarize their role and mission.

Made up of one expert coming from the United Kingdom, two caseworkers and two cultural mediators covering Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, English and French, the team provides support in processing any  backlog as well as new requests for international protection which are lodged.

After the Police performs the fingerprinting of migrants coming to the Questura for the first time, EASO registers their asylum applications in the Italian database for both national and Family reunification procedures. Caseworkers’ list of tasks includes the notification to the migrants of the decisions taken on their cases and the provision of general information and legal advice to the applicants, amongst other things.

With an average of eight new registrations per day, the Questura also deals with Dublin cases, mainly for people coming from Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.

EASO enjoys a very good working relationship with the Italian authorities and the Officers of the Questura. “The cooperation is fluid and well organised, everyone is fully aware of the importance of EASO’s role in dealing with the big amount of work of this office”, the caseworkers say, “and we often have moments of constructive sharing from a professional but also human point of view, something that gives an added value during our deployment”.

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