EASO Quality management meeting

On 23-24 October 2017, EASO held its second meeting dedicated to quality management in the asylum process. The meeting engaged national experts on quality assurance from 15 EU+ Member States, along with EASO and UNHCR, in a discussion on recent developments in this field, current challenges, specific projects and relevant tools.

Participants reflected on the different ways in which quality can be measured, analysed, and used as a basis for meaningful improvements in the functioning of the asylum system. The topic of reporting on quality was the thematic focus of this meeting, where experts had the opportunity to exchange information on their current approaches to presenting their findings on quality, to discuss common challenges and identify good practices.

Furthermore, the experts had an opportunity to test in practice the draft EASO Quality Assurance Tool, with its two pilot modules on the personal interview and on the first-instance decision on the substance of the application. They discussed the different elements of the tool, their content and approach, and the ways in which it could be implemented in national practice. It was also an opportunity to reflect on the functionalities which the EASO Quality Assurance Tool could provide for, both in its current form as guidance and assessment forms, and through a potential technical solution for streamlined assessment and reporting.

The quality management line of activities is implemented in the framework of the EASO Asylum Processes Network. More information on the pilot EASO Quality Assurance Tool will be shared with the launch of this tool later in 2017.

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