EASO Management Board adopted a new Guidance on the Dublin Procedure

EASO MB meetingFor EASO and its Dublin team, November 2019 marked the arrival of a new and important publication on Dublin and the pilot of a whole new type of event for Dublin Units.

At the end of November, a new Guidance that aims to enhance cooperation and to help a more harmonised Dublin procedure was endorsed by the 34th Management Board of EASO.

This new "EASO Guidance on the Dublin procedure: operational standards and indicators", which will soon available on the EASO website, gives an overview of the basic requirements for a due Dublin procedure by listing commonly agreed practices (standards) and how these standards can be achieved. Since the publication focuses on the organisation of the Dublin Units and the procedure, it helps policy- and decision-makers, managers and staff members to initiate process improvements, and to conduct self-assessments. As such, the Guidance contributes to a further harmonised Dublin procedure.

The new Guidance received positive feedback at the 34th Management Board meeting. The members of the Management Board praised the content of the publication, the development process, the efforts of the working group with experts from Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Romania and Sweden, and the contribution and involvement of the European Commission, UNHCR, and ECRE. The members of the Management Board also highlighted the importance of the several rounds of consultation with the Dublin Units of the EU+ Member States, contributing to a tool that every Dublin Unit could support.

In the same month as the new Guidance was approved by the Management Board, an exchange programme, organised for national Dublin Units, kicked off to further foster the exchange between Dublin officers and to build bridges between EU+ countries. During this Dublin Exchange Programme, experts from Denmark, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands and Romania visited the Dutch and Greek Dublin Units in two-day visits for each country to see, discuss and share details of the Dublin procedure conducted in these countries regarding unaccompanied minors. The national experts involved commended the setup of the programme, inviting them to see and share ideas and good practices, leading to better overall cooperation between the Member States involved. The project is set to be repeated in 2020 with new topics and different Member States getting involved.

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