EASO Greenline Italy live session on Facebook

The EASO Greenline Italy was launched in May 2018 with the aim of providing useful information to asylum applicants in Italy who have family members already living in other European countries and want to be reunited with them.

After some months of activity, it has been possible for the Agency to re-assess the functioning of this service according to the received requests. This is why the list of languages spoken by our cultural mediators working at the Greenline has been reformulated and now includes Arabic, Amharic, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Rohingya, Tigrinya and Urdu, as well as English, French and Italian.

In parallel, EASO has continued the online promotion of the Greenline. Not only has a specific page been created on EASO’s official website, available at the address https://www.easo.europa.eu/campaigns, but the existence of this service has been constantly advertised via EASO's social media.

For example, the Facebook page exclusively dedicated to the Greenline, https://www.facebook.com/easogreenlineitaly/, has been reshaped and fed with messages in all the spoken languages. A live video session of one hour was also organised on 16 October, with the help of the Bengali speaking cultural mediator who, at first, explained the general activity of the Greenline in English and Bengali, and then answered specific questions received by the followers via both the written chat and the phone numbers displayed on the video.

This live session, still available on the Facebook page, was a perfect occasion to create a direct contact with asylum applicants potentially eligible for the family unity provisions under the Dublin Regulation, and to remind everyone that the service is available from Monday to Friday 9:00am/5:30pm, on the free phone number 800 126 389, plus +39 340 67 67 895 for WhatsApp and Viber, Lycamobile +39 351 25 96 874/+39 351 25 22 378 and via email and Skype at greenline.it@easo.europa.eu.

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