EASO Courts and Tribunals Professional Development Activities in the last 2019 quarter

Workshop on exclusion from international protectionPursuant to its mandate to provide high-quality training to members of courts and tribunals with full respect of judicial independence, throughout the last months of 2019 EASO continued to facilitate professional development workshops.

Professional Development Workshops, EASO's HQ

On 3 and 4 October 2019, members of courts and tribunals from 17 EU Member States attended a professional development workshop on exclusion from international protection hosted by EASO. By participating in case studies and a moot court exercise, the participants exchanged practices and gained a practical insight into dealing with cases concerning exclusion clauses. The workshop was facilitated by two judicial trainers from Ireland and Germany, based on the corresponding judicial analysis from the EASO Professional Development Series. 

Workshop on qualification for international protectionSimilarly, on 21–22 November 2019, 19 members of courts and tribunals from 11 Member States were invited to a professional development workshop on qualification for international protection, led by two judicial trainers from Greece and the UK. Following the corresponding EASO judicial analysis, the workshop provided a thorough analysis of the EU standards for the qualification of third country nationals or stateless persons as beneficiaries of international protection.

EASO regional workshops

In addition to the two aforementioned workshops, EASO has continued in late 2019 to strengthen judicial support on a regional level. After a very successful regional workshop held in German in Leipzig in September 2019, EASO organised the first regional workshop in Italian on 7 November 2019 at the Court of Naples, Italy.

Regional workshop in ItalianThe workshop focused on challenging topics in the international protection judicial proceedings in Italy. 17 members of Italian courts and tribunals participated in the workshop and followed presentations led by an Italian judge from the Supreme Court in Italy and one from the specialised section on international protection of the Tribunal of Catanzaro. Topics covered included subsequent requests or producing new facts as evidence for international protection, evidence assessment in relation to COI and the application of the Dublin regulation in judicial proceedings. The participants were also presented an analysis of the use of COI in judicial proceedings and a briefing on the security situation in Mali and the Ivory Coast through presentations led by two UNHCR officers.

By way of conclusion for 2019, EASO organised the first regional workshop in Greek covering issues around evidence and credibility assessment in international protection cases. The workshop was held at the newly established International Protection Administrative Court in Nicosia, Cyprus. Based on the EASO judicial analysis on evidence and credibility assessment and the related compilation of jurisprudence, the workshop was tailored by the two Greek judicial trainers to address the needs of the newly established court. The members of the court were presented an analysis of the legal framework pertaining to the assessment of evidence in asylum cases and engaged in tailor-made case studies.

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