EASO Consultative Forum

The EASO Consultative Forum is an ongoing process that allows for the exchange of information and pooling of knowledge between EASO and the civil society. EASO set up the Consultative Forum during its first year of operations and the first plenary meeting took place in November 2011. Many organisations operate on various levels in the field of asylum and EASO is keen on developing a two-way dialogue with them since their specific expertise and experience is of added value to national administrations and other EU institutions.

6th EASO Consultative Forum plenary meeting

The Consultative Forum is open to all interested organisations and bodies in accordance with the EASO Regulation. EASO established the EASO Consultative Forum Register (ECFR) in November 2011. EASO wants to consult interested parties on the widest possible basis and to ensure that every interested party, irrespective of size or financial backing, is given the opportunity to contribute to its work.  At the same time, however, it must be clear to the general public what input the interest groups provide and how they seek to participate in EASO’s work.

EASO uses various methods to consult with civil society while promoting openness and transparency. As outlined in the Consultative Forum Operational Plan, a flexible framework allowing for specific ad hoc consultations has been put into place.EASO also organises at least one plenary meeting per year. Participation is open to all organisations registered with EASO. The EASO Executive Director chairs the annual plenary meeting. Read EASO's Inauguaral Consultative Forum Plenary report 2011 and Consultative Forum Plenary report [2012].


To apply for membership to the EASO Consultative Forum, please download the registration form and submit it to consultative-forum@easo.europa.eu

Selection criteria for consultations

For specific consultations/meetings, EASO uses a set of selection criteria that are outlined below:

  • Relevance – of the organisation’s participation vis-à-vis the theme(s) discussed by the Consultative Forum.
  • Knowledge and Expertise – degree of knowledge and expertise in the area(s) being dealt with by the Consultative Forum.
  • Availability – of the organisation to get involved in the work of the Consultative Forum.
  • Involvement at national and EU level – degree of involvement of the organisation in the relevant area(s) at national and EU level (European orientation).
  • Affiliation – of the organisation in relevant networks/groups.
  • Relationship – of the organisation with EASO and/or involvement in EU Practical cooperation measures/training/academic activities in the field of asylum.