EASO’s Information Analysis Sector meets with key partners to discuss coordination of query systems

On 22 October members of EASO’s Information Analysis Sector participated in a quadrilateral meeting with partners from the European Migration Network (EMN), the General Directors of Immigration Services Conference (GDISC), and Intergovernmental Consultations on Migration, Asylum and Refugees (IGC).

The meeting, which was held at the IGC headquarters in Geneva, was the second step in an ongoing dialogue among the four key actors operating query systems in the context of asylum, with the purpose of enhancing communication and strengthening coordination in the area of queries. As such, the meeting was meant as a follow up on a number of action points agreed upon during the first dialogue among the four actors, which was hosted by EASO in June. It also offered the opportunity to participants to discuss ways forward in this cooperation. 

Query systems facilitate the collection and exchange of information on topical issues in the area of migration and asylum, primarily among national administrations, in a relatively short time-frame. The four query systems operated by the four different organizations participating in this dialogue, may present commonalities, but also differ substantially in terms of thematic and geographical scope, format of final deliverables, and dissemination policy. Accordingly, the key incentives stimulating this dialogue are:

  • A need to share insights on best practices in query management among the four organizations
  • A need to identify modalities to address possible duplication of query proposals and avoid overlap and repetitive query requests.

Topics discussed in the dialogue included: the communication to national authorities of effective practices for launching a query; information exchange among participating organizations on past and current queries; the creation of a list of focal points within each organization managing queries to ensure effective communication; and the drafting of a reference matrix featuring descriptions of each query system and their added value.

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