3.3.1. Integrity

This section focuses on the key policy changes that EU+ countries undertook in 2018 to enhance the integrity of the national asylum systems. The table hereunder outlines policies and practices that aim to swiftly identify unfounded asylum applications and make sure that the necessary financial, human and time resources are not dissipated on such claims. These measures involve efforts to rapidly establish the applicants’ identity, including their age, country or origin and travel route and the eventual security concerns their presence might mean, to better assess the credibility of the applicants’ statements and to determine whether beneficiaries of international protection are still in need of protection. 

Prevention of unintentional misuse of the asylum procedure and its integrity is also supported by provision of information to asylum applicants and beneficiaries of international protection on the respective rights and obligations and related procedural arrangements.
Please note that many relevant changes concerning these areas touch upon major legislative changes, presented in Section 3.1.

The policy and practice changes listed here are further analysed under the relevant thematic sections in Chapter 4.


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