2.2. Withdrawn applications

2.2.1 Withdrawn applications: EU+ overview

Overall in 2018, some 57 390 applications were withdrawn across EU+ countries, about half as many as in 2017 and fewer than in 2014. The ratio of withdrawn applications to the total number of applications lodged in the EU+ was 9 %, lower than the previous year. Read more... 

2.2.2 Withdrawn applications by citizenship of origin

According to EASO data 116 and similar to previous years, about four fifths of withdrawals in the EU+ were implicit. While this indicates that the share of implicit withdrawals was substantial for most citizenships, it is important to analyse the numbers within individual citizenships, where some differences emerged (Fig. 10). Read more... 

2.2.3 Withdrawn applications by EU+ country

In 2018, a fifth of all withdrawals in the EU+ took place in Greece. A considerable number of applications were also withdrawn in Italy (13 % of the total) and Germany (12 %). As was the case in 2017, in Germany, half of all applications were withdrawn explicitly; the proportion was even higher in France (62 %). Read more... 




113 At the date of extraction, on 1 April 2019, information was available for all EU+ countries. (in title Withdrawn applications:EU+overview)


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