Common analysis



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This part of the country guidance includes the common analysis:
It provides analysis on the following elements:
General Remarks
1. Actors of persecution and serious harm
General remarks
1.1. The Nigerian State and state-affiliated actors
1.2. Non-State actors
1.2.1. Boko Haram, including JAS and ISIS-WA
1.2.2. Militant groups in the Niger Delta
1.2.3. Separatist movements
1.2.4. Herders and farmers
1.2.5. Student cults
1.2.6. Traffickers and trafficking networks
1.2.7. Other non-State actors
2. Refugee status
3. Subsidiary protection
3.1. Article 15(a) QD
3.2. Article 15(b) QD
3.3. Article 15(c) QD
4. Actors of protection
4.1. The State
4.2. Parties or organisations
5. Internal protection alternative
5.1. Part of the country
5.2. Safety
5.3. Travel and admittance
5.4. Reasonableness to settle
6. Exclusion
6.1. Preliminary remarks
6.2. Applicability of the exclusion grounds
6.2.1. Crime against peace, war crime or crime against humanity
6.2.2. Serious (non-political) crime
6.2.3. Acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the UN
6.2.4. Danger to the community or the security of the Member State
6.3. Individual responsibility



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