5.4.3. Conclusions on particular profiles



Please note that this country guidance document has been replaced by a more recent one. The latest versions of country guidance documents are available at https://easo.europa.eu/country-guidance.

Last updated: February 2019


This subsection includes conclusions on the reasonableness of IPA for particular profiles of applicants.

It should be highlighted that these conclusions are without prejudice to the criteria of safety, travel and admittance.

In summary, it could be substantiated that IPA in Lagos or elsewhere in Nigeria (excluding states/areas with security problems) would in general be reasonable for single able-bodied men and (married) couples, who have no additional vulnerabilities, including when they do not have a support network. In the assessment of the reasonableness of IPA for other profiles, the analysis should take into consideration all individual circumstances.

The table below highlights the individual considerations, which were key in reaching the general conclusions regarding the commonly encountered profiles. This is without prejudice to the need to fully assess all individual circumstances in the case at hand.

In cases where the applicant is a child or the applicant is accompanied by a child, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.

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