2. Refugee status



Please note that this country guidance document has been replaced by a more recent one. The latest versions of country guidance documents are available at https://easo.europa.eu/country-guidance.

This chapter includes the following sections:

General remarks
Analysis of particular profiles
2.1. Individuals targeted by Boko Haram
2.2. Individuals perceived as Boko Haram members or supporters
2.3. Members of separatist movements and individuals perceived as supporting them
2.4. Members of militant groups in the Niger Delta and individuals perceived as supporting them
2.5. Members and perceived supporters of political parties
2.6. Individuals involved in and affected by conflicts between herders and farmers
2.7. Human rights activists, bloggers, journalists and other media workers
2.8. Christian and Muslim minorities in specific areas
2.9. Individuals accused of witchcraft or threatened in relation to ritual killings
2.10. Individuals targeted by student cults
2.11. LGBT persons
2.12. Victims of human trafficking, including forced prostitution
2.13. Women and girls
2.14. Children
2.15. Persons with disabilities or severe medical issues, including mental health issues
2.16. Individuals accused of crimes in Nigeria
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