Consultation meeting on the availability of the Professional Development Series (PDS) in different language versions

On 13 October 2017, EASO met with six members of the EU+ Network of Courts and Tribunals to discuss the possible availability of the EASO Professional Development Series (PDS) in different language versions. The proposal for the meeting came up during this year’s Annual Coordination and Planning Meeting of the EASO Network of Courts and Tribunals, with the aim to serve as a starting point of recommendation and reflection on how to increase PDS publications in different language versions.

EASO presented a state of play on the PDS and its translated versions, the current distribution strategy and the budgetary considerations. During the plenary, the members of the Network, together with EASO’s representatives discussed the target audience, measuring the needs of the PDS in all Member States, practical solutions, and reflections on the future action plan. The meeting ended with draft recommendations that will be shared with the Network in the coming weeks.

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