Consultation with Civil Society and Consultation Calendar

EASO consults registered Consultative Forum members in different ways. In addition to the annual Plenary Consultative Forum meeting, EASO consults civil society on a continuous basis throughout the year in various different forms, including:

  • Targeted consultations;
  • Open consultations

Examples of targeted consultations include e.g. bilateral and multilateral exchanges of information, participation of civil society organisations (by invitation) in EASO thematic expert meetings, workshops, seminars, interviews etc. For example, with regard to COI, consultation meetings are held with selected specialised civil society organisations. Similarly, in the context of training and the development of EASO Practical Tools, a Reference Group (including members of civil society) is regularly consulted and closely involved in the development of EASO training material and Practical Tools.

Next to these forms of consultations, EASO additionally conducts open consultations with civil society using IT tools. Online consultations are used as much as possible as they ensure the broadest possible outreach and facilitate organisations to contribute in a cost-effective manner.

Upcoming Open Consultations 

The table below provides an overview of the planned open consultations with members of the EASO Consultative Forum in 2017. More information on the specific procedures and deadline for contributions will be made available with the launch of the consultations here. Should you require any further information with regard to a particular consultation, please contact

Overview of planned open consultations 2017
Expected time
for the launch for the consultation
Type of document Type of consultation
April/May/June 2017EASO Country of Origin (COI) ReportsOnline survey to evaluate the usability and added-value of EASO COI reports.  
(End of) June 2017Annual Activity ReportRequest for feedback
July 2017Draft Judicial Analysis on Asylum Procedures (including Dublin)Request for feedback
July/August 2017Draft Practical Judicial Guide on Country of Origin (COI)Request for feedback
October/November/December 2017Annual Report on the Situation of AsylumOnline survey to evaluate the usefulness and added-value of the Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum

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