Coaching of the EASO interim case workers in the Greek hotspots

Since the beginning of February 2017, EASO launched an extensive training programme for interim case workers employed by EASO to support the expert workforce in the Greek hotspots in conducting the border procedure alongside asylum officials deployed by Member States. 

The last, third phase of the training, namely on the job coaching took place in two hotspots (Lesvos and Chios) and was finalised by 17th March. The interim case workers were guided by the EASO coaches and supported by EASO deployed experts on how to conduct an asylum interview and prepare an opinion on the application for international protection. The interims’ work was reviewed in small groups during targeted training sessions with EASO coaches. They received individual feedback on the cases they were conducting in the hotspot. The learning experience was very positive and the training was very much appreciated and highly evaluated by the trainees.

We would like to congratulate all the EASO interim case workers for their hard work over the past 6 weeks of the training and wish them best of luck with their new tasks!


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