EASO Consultative Forum 2018

EASO Thematic Consultative Forum Meeting on “Access to Information: Exploring Existing Resources, Good Practices, and Ways Forward”, 28 March 2018, Malta

On 28th March 2018, EASO organised a Consultative Forum Thematic Meeting on “Access to Information: Exploring Existing Resources, Good Practices, and Ways Forward”. More than thirty specialised civil society actors exchanged information on tools and activities developed by civil society organisations that aim at catering to the asylum-related information needs of individuals seeking international protection.  The meeting offered an opportunity to map existing information resources and activities, review challenges and innovative solutions, and identify suggestions with a view of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the provision of information in the future. 

The discussions and the outcomes of the meeting fed into EASO’s work by informing a section of the 2017 Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the EU. Moreover, participants also agreed to develop a Briefing Paper on access to information which would summarise both the results of the online questionnaire that was administered by EASO on the topic prior to the meeting (with 50 completed responses) as well as the discussions at the meeting. 

Given the high interest by civil society in the subject matter, participants further encouraged EASO to organise a follow-up meeting, which, in its next edition, could focus on reviewing in particular the impact and effectiveness of information activities by a.o. reviewing any relevant experiences that CSOs may have with regard to monitoring and evaluation. Follow-up discussions are planned to take place at the CF Informal side meeting following the launch of the Annual Report on 18th June in Brussels as well as the CF Annual Plenary Meeting which is scheduled to take place in the beginning of November this year. 

Meeting Documents 

For any questions, please write to: Consultative-Forum@easo.europa.eu   

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