EASO Consultative Forum 2018

EASO Thematic Consultative Forum Meeting on “Access to Information: Exploring Existing Resources, Good Practices, and Ways Forward”, 28 March 2018, Malta

On 28th March, EASO will be organising a Thematic Consultative Forum Meeting on “Access to Information: Exploring Existing resources, Good Practices, and Ways Forward”. This meeting is scheduled to take place at EASO premises in Malta. 
The overall aim of the meeting is to bring together specialised civil society organisations with relevant experience on the provision of information in order to have in-depth discussions on information tools and activities developed by civil society organizations that aim at catering to the asylum-related information needs of individuals seeking international protection. The meeting offers an opportunity for the exchange of resources and experiences, cross-pollination of ideas, and appreciation of the multifaceted work that civil society organizations carry out in this field. 
The discussions and the outcomes of the meeting will directly feed into EASO’s work by informing a section of the 2017 Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the EU, notably the section on the provision of information to applicants for international protection.  Results of the meeting may further also feed into EASO’s work in other multiple ways, with another possible output being the development of a briefing paper that would focus on the subject matter at hand.
Does your organisation have relevant expertise and experience with regard to the provision of information to asylum seekers and/or refugees, and are you interested in attending the meeting, please send an expression of interest to: Consultative-Forum@easo.europa.eu 
Please also complete our online questionnaire on this topic (also if not attending the meeting): https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4223831/Access-to-Information-Exploring-Existing-Resources-Good-Practices-and-Ways-Forward
Your input will be most helpful to us and will feed into various EASO reports and products. 
Thank you very much for your efforts in advance. 
For any questions, please write to: Consultative-Forum@easo.europa.eu  

Meeting Documents 

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