Consultative Forum Plenary 2016 - Action Plan

The main aims of the 6th Consultative Forum plenary meeting included:

  • Taking stock of relevant developments in the field of asylum in 2016;
  • Identifying constraints and challenges in the development of the CEAS;
  • Seeking solutions to constraints and challenges, in particular by providing suggestions for action by EASO within the remit of its mandate.

In order to answer to the latter aim, EASO has drafted an Action Plan following the completion of the 6th EASO Consultative Forum, which sets out specific actions to be implemented by EASO as identified by participants during the forum. The codification of these actions in this plan reinforces EASO’s commitment to implement these, ensuring appropriate follow-up with a view to increase transparency and accountability.

The specific actions are set out in the Action Plan which can be consulted here.