Civil Society

Under the growing pressure of current mixed migratory flows, EASO has been called to perform new tasks, to be more operational and to respond with increased flexibility to the needs of Member States. At the same time, the core business of EASO remains to be performed meeting the highest quality standards. Within this context, the large and diversified expertise in the field of asylum and reception made available by civil society is synergetic to the work of EASO. Therefore, EASO is committed to enhance multidimensional beneficial synergies with a diversified set of civil society actors working in the field of international protection. 
According to its regulation, and in order to maintain a close dialogue with relevant civil society organisations and relevant competent bodies operating in the field of asylum policy at local, regional, national, European or international level and shall set up a Consultative Forum for this purpose, EASO has established a Consultative Forum, as a mechanism for the exchange of information and pooling of knowledge. UNHCR is a member of the Consultative Forum ex officio. The Consultative Forum meets at least once a year in a plenary meeting.
EASO’s work with civil society is mainstreamed throughout all its activities; experts from civil society take parts in the development of EASO training curricula and quality tools; they attend EASO thematic meetings and conferences, such as COI meetings; civil society is consulted and invited to provide inputs on EASO key documents, such as the Annual Work Programme and the Annual General Report on the situation of asylum. Targeted meetings have been organized in Italy and in Greece with civil society organizations whose work can be relevant in the context of the hotspots and relocation activities.
See latest Consultative Forum Plenary report and documents
EASO welcomes inputs and proposal from civil society organizations for the development of initiatives in line with its mandate. For info please contact EASO Consultative Forum Coordination Point.