Aligning reference tools used by key stakeholders in asylum work and migration

Glossary and Thesaurus Working GroupThe 49th meeting of the Glossary and Thesaurus Working Group took place in Malta on 17-18 October 2019.

Co-hosted by EASO and the European Migration Network (EMN), the 49th meeting of the Glossary and Thesaurus Working Group brought together key stakeholders in the asylum and migration fields to raise awareness of the EMN Glossary and explore opportunities to enhance cooperation and alignment with other terminology reference tools in use at EU level. This would ensure harmonisation and avoid the duplication of work, for example when drafting definitions for terms which already exist in other glossaries.

The meeting participants, which included representatives from DG HOME, EASO, Frontex, the Translations Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, the Court of Justice of the European Union and the Council of the European Union, presented their terminology reference tools in the fields of migration and asylum:

  • The EMN Glossary improves comparability by providing standardised terms and definitions related to asylum and migration. Various sources of information are used to populate the glossary but primary sources are EU legislation on asylum and immigration. The terms are available in the majority of languages in EU Member States;
  • Interactive Terminology for Europe (IATE) is a central terminology database for the EU. Within its 1 million terms, about 360 specifically address the field of asylum. The database is used for translations of terms;
  • EASO’s Information and Documentation System (IDS) is a restricted platform which gathers information on the implementation of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). Definitions of key terms related to asylum are hyperlinked to the EMN Glossary to ensure standardisation and quality.
  • EASO’s Glossary of Terms of the Training Curriculum is an extensive compilation of about 250 terms relevant to the EASO training modules. A direct link for all EMN Glossary entries is provided when relevant.

A set of new terms and their definitions were reviewed and modified during the meeting, to be included in the EMN Glossary. In order to have all experts on board, the Working Group will continue to invite other stakeholders to specific meetings which address topics or terms closely related to their work. 

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