Call for expressions of interest

Reference Title Deadline Documents
EASO/2015/280 Call for expressions of interest for experts 23 Nov 2019 Read more

Open procedure

Reference Title Deadline Documents
EASO/2017/516 Provision of security services for EASO premises in MaltaRecently updated 4 Jul 201724 Jul 2017 Read more
EASO/2017/501 Provision of interim services for EASO 2 Jun 2017 Read more
EASO/2016/464 Provision of office furniture to the European Asylum Support Office 2 Jun 2017 Download
EASO/2017/503 Provision of ICT supplies for EASO hotspots and offices outside MaltaRecently updated 15 May 201729 May 2017 Read more
EASO/2016/444 Provision of office supplies and stationery products to the European Asylum Support Office 24 May 2017 Download
EASO/2017/426 Provision of event organisation and related services for EASO events held in MaltaRecently updated 24 Apr 2017 Read more
EASO/2017/460 Provision of containers to be used as Interviewing Offices, Mobile Offices, Facility Rooms, Restrooms and Waiting Rooms for its hotspots in Europe for 2017-2020 28 Mar 2017 Download
EASO/2016/432 Framework contract for the Provision of development, implementation, maintenance,operation, advice and consultancy services in IT software (DIMOACS IT 1) 15 Dec 2016 Download
EASO/2016/417 Framework contract for canteen services for EASO 3 Nov 201621 Nov 2016 Read more

Restricted procedure

Currently, there are no records in this section.

Negotiated procedures

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Reference Title Deadline Documents
EASO/2017/529 Provision and installation of cabling for passive data and electric network services 26 Jun 2017 Download
EASO/2017/524 Negotiated procedure for the acquisition of 2 vehicles for EASO. 31 May 2017 Download
EASO/2017/518 Blinds, sundry items and the related maintenance and spare parts 29 May 2017 Download
EASO/2017/517 Provision of publication and promotion service for EASO vacancy Notices on specialised job websites 21 May 2017 Download
EASO/2017/494 Provision of office furniture to EASO Office in Malta 16 Mar 2017 Download
EASO/2016/470 Framework contract for purchase of audio and video equipment 16 Dec 2016 Download
EASO/2016/481 Negotiated procedure for the provision of office supplies and stationery products in Greece 10 Dec 2016 Download
EASO/2016/461 Procurement procedure for the Provision of a Review of surveys of asylum-related migrants and study of the feasibility of an EASO survey 26 Oct 2016 Download
EASO/2016/445 Framework contract for the provision of consultancy service to develop web based visualizations 22 Sep 2016 Download
EASO/2016/447 Recruitment of Interim Policy and Administrative Officer for EASO Brussels Office 12 Sep 2016 Download
EASO/2016/437 Provision of services of a Mechanical and Engineering Company for Drafting of Tender Specifications for Mechanical and Engineering Maintenance, assistance in evaluation of tenders and monitoring of the contract 9 Sep 2016 Download
EASO/2016/443 Framework contract for the provision of Country Intelligence Reports 22 Aug 2016 Download
EASO/2016/413 Framework Contract for the provision of event organisation services in Malta 3 Jun 2016 Download
EASO/2016/410 Framework Contract for the provision of electronic and print serial subscriptions 21 Apr 2016 Download
EASO/2016/416 Framework Contract for the provision of Hot beverages for EASO 14 Apr 2016 Download
EASO/2016/402 Framework Contract for Acquisition of Printing devices, Toners and Cartridges for printers 16 Mar 2016 Download
EASO/2016/401 Framework Contract for the purchase of ICT Equipment 15 Mar 2016 Download
EASO/2016/ Planned low and middle value negotiated procedures 2016 12 Feb 2016 Download
EASO/2015/380 Financial/internal control services 1 Jan 2016 Download
EASO/2015/386 Framework Contract for the rent of portable interpretation equipment, including delivery in 28 EU Member States, North Africa, Balkans and Middle East countries 18 Dec 2015 Download
EASO/2015/389 Framework Contract for non-structural renovation/increase of the Video Surveillance systems and parts at the EASO premises 18 Dec 2015 Download
EASO/2015/390 Framework Contract for non-structural renovation/maintenance services for the Security/Safety systems at EASO 18 Dec 2015 Download
EASO/2015/391 Renovation of EASO building(s) restrooms 18 Dec 2015 Download
EASO/2015/366 Car Acquisition 16 Oct 2015 Download
EASO/2015/352 Framework contract for the Provision of Consultancy Services on implementing guardianship related support activities 31 Aug 2015 Download
EASO/2015/354 Purchase of portable equipment for operational support 24 Aug 2015 Download
EASO/2015/348 Service contract for the provision of country of origin intelligence reports 10 Aug 2015 Download
EASO/2015/345 Service contract for provision of conference services for EASO External Dimension Regional Workshop and Training in Istanbul 5 Aug 2015 Download
EASO/2015/248 Framework contract for the purchase of specialised office equipment 5 Aug 2015 Download
EASO/2015/332 Service contract for Inventory and Assets Management Assessment 19 Jun 2015 Download
EASO/2015/335 Open office area improvements 19 Jun 2015 Download
EASO/2015/326 Provision of service by External Accreditation Partner to certify and accredit the current European Asylum Support Office Training Curriculum modules 17 Jun 2015 Download
EASO/2015/290 Direct contract for a Survey of methodology on the quantitative assessment of the phenomenon of asylum-related migration 26 Mar 2015 Download